What Do I Stand for?

Quality of Life

Quality of Life is why we want to call Hutchinson home.  

We should fully fund and support our cultural assets and recreational activities: arts and humanities, placing making, parks and recreation.  

We need to distribute resources wisely and remain proactive in an approach to help those with less means to rise above their challenges.

We must continue to make progress on crime prevention while addressing the underlying issues of addiction: mental health.

Economic Development

Economic Development for Hutchinson must be re-imagined.  

We can continue to go after large corporations but we need to help out our home grown entrepreneurs.

We need to strategically address our retail footprint to align with our community’s needs.

We must rebuild our convention hotel with a facility that encourages conventions, sports events and other events to choose Hutchinson.

Return to Civility

Our connectedness as a community will make the difference on making progress on the really tough issues we face.

We must continue to support the HutchRec Neighborhood Initiative.

We need to make it a priority to reconnect with our friends and neighbors.

We can use our differences to make us stronger.

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